• What are Kraft Mailer boxes?

    If you've ever received a package in the mail, chances are it came in a brown paper mailer. These versatile and environmentally friendly packaging solutions are increasingly popular with businesses and individuals looking for sustainable and reliable ways to transport p...
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  • What is the most eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics?

    These days, people are well aware of the importance of eco-friendly packaging cosmetics. Cosmetic products have a wide range of packaging options, and it's essential to choose packaging that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also minimizes harm to the environment. ...
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  • Unique Packaging,Make Your Brand Outstanding

    Unique Packaging,Make Your Brand Outstanding

    Biodegradable packaging is packaging that breaks down over time without leaving behind any hazardous waste. This packaging is made from natural materials such as cornstarch, potato starch or bamboo. Since these materials decompose without harming the environment, they ca...
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  • What are the 5 types of paper packaging?

    What are the 5 types of paper packaging?

    1.Paperboard boxes. Paperboard is a paper-based material that is lightweight, yet strong. ... Is paperboard and cardboard the same? What is the Difference? The difference in paperboard and cardboard cartons lies in how they are constructed. Paperboard is thicker than a...
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  • Recyclable Cardboard and Paperboard What’s the Difference

    Recyclable Cardboard and Paperboard What’s the Difference

    If you are making a decision about what cartons to use in your packaging, you may be considering the difference between cardboard and paperboard when it comes to recycling. Many people assume that because both cardboard and paperboard are paper products that they are rec...
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  • Basic principles of packaging modeling.

    Packaging design is an extremely common design form in modern social life. Most commodities need to be packaged to a certain extent when they flow into the sales process. Whether it is through shape design or pattern design, consumers can understand it more intuitively. to the basic attributes of...
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  • How can express packaging be more environmentally friendly?

    Sending and receiving express delivery has become the daily life of today’s people, but the environmental pollution and waste caused by express packaging waste cannot be ignored. How to make express packaging greener and more environmentally friendly? Recently, the State Administration for ...
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  • What we do and how to find a good supplier

    Yinji has a high-end automated equipment manufacturing supply team that integrates research and development, engineering, technical services in one, its services relates to a number of areas of automation and has an absolute advantage in the industry. ...
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  • Why The Packaging Is Important?

    Attracts Buyers Companies are becoming increasingly aware that they need to impress their customers with not just a great product, but even better packaging.  Whether a product has been purchased online or in-store, the packaging is the first thin...
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  • Sustainability

    What Does It Mean? Sustainability is the ability to exist and develop without depleting natural resources for the future. The United Nations defined sustainable development in the Brundtland Report as development that meets the need...
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