Basic principles of packaging modeling.

Packaging design is an extremely common design form in modern social life. Most commodities need to be packaged to a certain extent when they flow into the sales process. Whether it is through shape design or pattern design, consumers can understand it more intuitively. to the basic attributes of this product.


Basic Principles of Packaging Modeling

The purpose of packaging design has been expanded from the initial single protection function to a means of displaying the cultural connotation of merchants and the intrinsic value of products. Through the beautification and interesting treatment of packaging design, it can achieve the purpose of attracting consumers’ attention, thereby effectively improving the product. sales.


The shape of packaging design, as a direct means to make consumers have the first impression of the product, needs to be perfectly matched with the intrinsic value of the product, better display the connotation and brand image of the product, and enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the product to consumers.


Form beauty

Aesthetics is the basis of all packaging modeling design. Aesthetics is specific to modeling design, which can be seen as the cognition of change and unity. At the same time, it is also the basic principle followed in modeling design. , to disrupt the combination of elements used in modeling design, to achieve the beauty pursued by modeling design, and unity is based on change, emphasizing the difference and unity of personality.


shape, line

In the shape design of packaging design, the contrast and harmony of shape and line is the main content and the main element that forms the basic outline of shape design. When the shape and line are compared and changed, the shape of the container itself needs to be judged. When selecting the optimal combination of shape and line, it is necessary to further clarify the selection of curved lines for the shape, and determine whether the combination method is a combination of long and short or curved lines. The shape design of the container body is easily affected by the local detail processing level of the contrast between shapes and lines.



The capacity of the container is a key consideration in the process of packaging design. The contour line can directly affect the shape and surface of the container and packaging design, and the intuitive feeling of the consumer on the volume of the container. The shape surface in the usual sense is directly formed by the movement of the linear trajectory. Therefore, the shape surface formed, the space it covers is the actual volume of the packaging design, and the outer periphery of the shape surface is the shape design of the packaging design.


In terms of shape, the container has a certain similarity with the structure of the human body. It also includes several parts such as the head, neck, chest and abdomen, and the sole of the foot. On the one hand, the treatment of these links can directly affect consumers’ aesthetic sense of packaging design and shape. On the other hand, it also has a direct relationship with the packaging shape in terms of volume and actual capacity.


virtual space

The mastery of packaging design in virtual and real space is also very important. In general, the specific space occupied by the shape is called the real space in the packaging design; the remaining space outside the space occupied by the shape is the virtual space. The contrast between the real space and the virtual space pursued in the packaging design is mainly reflected in the following:


On the one hand, it is the amount of all the overall space occupied by the container entity, the location structure, and the contrast between the real space and the virtual space in the overall environment.


On the other hand, there is the contrast between the overall space of the packaging and the remaining virtual space in terms of shape and size. Various contrasting forms show the beautiful changes in form between the real space and the virtual space, which also determines the shape design of the container. In the process, the focus of thinking is on the image shaping of the three-dimensional space, and on the basis of establishing the specific form of the real space, the contrast between the virtual and the real space in different positions is paid attention to.


Line decoration

Another important link in the design of container packaging is the segmentation and decoration of the upper line and surface of the container, which plays an important role in shaping the image of the container. The division and decoration of lines and surfaces, on the one hand, is a special embodiment of local details, and on the other hand, it also plays a role in shaping the beauty of the overall image, which is more obvious for the enrichment of lines and surfaces.


On the basis of the split surface, the integration of different levels in terms of coordination is more smooth and round, and it will not be too abrupt. It is worth noting that when designing decorative lines, it is easy to increase the difficulty of molding design. When designing complex lines and surfaces, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the cost of the design and whether the finished product can meet the expected effect.


Innovative Thinking on Packaging Modeling

①Environmental protection pursuit. Through the use of environmentally friendly materials and the design of reasonable shapes, the service life of the product is extended on the basis of meeting the functional requirements.


②Humanized characteristics. Return the styling design to the service attribute of “people-oriented”, integrate the styling design with aesthetics and ergonomics, set the starting point of the packaging styling design to meet the various needs of people, and reflect the safety and convenience of the styling design.


③ Interesting features. Consumers’ consumption concept is constantly developing, more pursuit of personalized products, packaging design needs to reflect more interesting, with more innovative visual language image, breaking the more restrained shackles of traditional design, making the design more interesting. Innovation is more prominent.


The shape design in the packaging design pays more attention to the pursuit of beauty. When carrying out the shape design, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the contrast between the shape and the line, the virtual and the solid, the line and the surface, and the volume, pay attention to the sense of innovation, and use environmentally friendly materials. , reflect the awareness of environmental protection; emphasize people-oriented, shape humanized modeling design, enhance the fun of modeling design, and fully reflect the beauty of modeling design.


Post time: Sep-09-2022